Services Agali Rooms 

Agali Rooms is a newly built complex on the spectacularly beautiful Thassos island, in the area of Skala Rachoni, ready to heartwarmingly welcome the island’s guests. Agali Rooms consist of 6 rooms in total, which can accommodate from two up to four persons, since there are two double, two triple and two quadruple rooms.
The double rooms are equipped with a large, comfortable double bed, air-condition, refrigerator, TV, free internet wi-fi access, private bathroom with shower. Our triple rooms are also equipped with a large double bed as well as a comfortable extra bed. Our quadruple rooms are equipped with a large double bed as well as a bunk bed, perfect to accommodate families which choose to spend their summer holidays on the emerald island of Thassos. Moreover, there is free parking area available for our guests as well as internet wi-fi access to all the common areas of the complex free of charge as well. Our guests also have the option to enjoy a delicious breakfast fixed with care and local ingredients.


  agali-rooms-thassos-1.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-10.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-102.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-104.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-108.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-114.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-116.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-122.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-125.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-128.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-129.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-130.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-135.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-137.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-138.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-151.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-18.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-2.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-20.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-25.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-3.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-79.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-80.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-81.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-84.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-87.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-88.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-9.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-91.jpg agali-rooms-thassos-99.jpg