Agali Rooms Location

Agali Rooms is built in the picturesque village of Skala Rachoni, on the northern part of the emerald island of Thassos, only 11km away from the biggest port and the capital of the island Limenas, and just 4km away from the port of Skala Prinos from where there is a ferry connection directly with the city of Kavala. Skala Rachoni is an area known for its virgin natural environment, vast green scenery and access to the untouched shore of Skala Rachoni with the clear blue-green Aegean waters, shallow enough even for small children to enjoy.

Moreover in the area you’ll find several small taverns by the sea that will serve you fresh fish cooked in the local olive oil and a variety of other local products, as well as the traditional thassian tsipouro and ouzo under the sounds of folk Greek music. Have a refreshing drink under the summer sun while enjoying the scents of the blooming flowers that surround the whole area.


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